Adobe Lightroom Training

A one to one, bespoke Adobe Lightroom training service is available.

Instead of training you on the whole of Lightroom, the service offers training in the modules of the software that you are going to use.

There is little point in learning the whole of the program if you do not intend to use it all. Why learn how to use the print module if you never intend to print using it. Again the same goes for the web module if you do not intend to produce websites using it. If for instance though the main part of your post production work is working with portrait photos then you probably would like to know more in-depth about how you can retouch using Lightroom. This includes removing skin blemishes, enhancing hair and eye lashes, enhancing eyes, removing stray hair strands, enhancing lips, whitening teeth etc etc.

Areas of Training that can be included

  • Lightroom Preferences and Catalog Settings
  • Understanding the Lightroom Interface and View Options
  • Library Module Catalog & Folder Organisation, Importing, Editing and Keywording
  • Develop Module – Global Corrections and Local Corrections
  • Cropping, Spot removal, Gradient tool and Brush Adjustments
  • Map Module GPS Coding
  • Book module
  • Slideshow Module – Slide Shows, Video Slide shows and PDF
  • Video grading and exporting
  • Print vs. Print to File
  • Design Layout Features
  • Web Module
  • Third Party complementary Plug-ins for Lightroom


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