F10: Mischa Twitchin - Experimental Theatre

As part of the Festival 10 series of events, Masterclass invites theatre artist Mischa Twitchin to join them for an afternoon of engaging discussion centred on the making of theatre, specifically experimental, site-specific and promenade performance.

Mischa is a founder member of the London-based performance collective Shunt. A key feature of Shunt’s artistic policy is to explore the live event and question the familiar boundaries between audience and performance. His current and upcoming projects at the Shunt Lounge include Klamm’s Dream - a ‘monologue for two voices’, Bruno Walter’s Last Concert and I wonder sometimes who I am, which will be shown in November at the Suspense Festival.

During the afternoon Mischa will address questions concerning both the aesthetics and the economics of making theatre in London today. Reflecting on the example of the Shunt collective, and relating to the Haymarket’s upcoming "Story of London" project, this session will be an opportunity for open discussion around such questions as "Why might one not want to work in an environment like the Theatre Royal?" and "When is theatre ever not site-specific?".

This will be an invaluable afternoon for anyone who is interested in alternative forms of theatre, creating theatre in found space, or producing their own work.