Hannah Anderson's Headshot Session

These are a couple of the photographs that were recently taken on Hannah Anderson's headshot photo shoot.

Hannah came along to the shoot with tons of enthusiasm which helped with getting a wide selection of shots for her to choose from. In fact too many in the end, she said!.... In the past though she had never had enough to choose from and wanted some photos that looked more like her. We shot a selection of photos first with her hair down and then with her hair up. I never shoot the other way around like some photographers do as it might save you the photographer time as your not waiting around as long during hair style changes but the actress's hair never looks as good when it is let down again.

This year Hannah has appeared in two plays at the Salisbury Playhouse and appeared in the short film The Gun. In 2010 she will be appearing in the feature film Lennon Naked and as Doyle in the play My Boy Jack at the Barons Court Theatre in London.

©2009 Stuart Allen

©2009 Stuart Allen