Senan Richmond Headshot Session

I recently took some headshots of someone who only took up acting as a hobby 9 months ago at Stagecoach but since then has already been in two professional productions. Senan's parents wanted to get his first headshots taken so he could start auditing for more work as he was enjoying acting so much and looking for his first agent. We decided to take the photos at their home so he would be more relaxed and be able to take plenty of breaks during the shoot if required.

Afterwards I gave Senan's mum a few names of agents to try who specialise in child actors and he was quickly signed by the first one who was the Sylvia Young Agency. Senan is now being put up for several parts by his agent and will soon will be in a production at the Mayflower theatre in Southampton.

©2010 Stuart Allen. All rights reserved.

©2010 Stuart Allen. All rights reserved.