Bridewell Theatre

The School For Scandal

These are some of the dress rehearsal photographs that were taken of The School for Scandal written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan early this year. Normally I would take photographs of the whole of the cast in full costume running through the entire production. Due do technical difficulties this was not possible. The heating system had broken down earlier in the morning so it meant everything was running behind. In the end I took some photographs of key scenes before the first run at lunch time. I decided to stay and watch the whole production on it's opening performance. This turned out to be well worth while as the play was excellent with a fine cast. Also I had an opportunity to spot other key scenes that I thought would make good photographs. After the play I asked the cast to run some of these scenes again so I could capture their performance. The finished photographs were then sent out to the press for use with reviews and other promotion. These have been used in a lot of online media. The play was put on by Red Handed Theatre Company and directed by Jessica Swale.

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©2009 Stuart Allen

©2009 Stuart Allen

Mad Kings and Englishmen: History Hung Drawn and Quartered

Next week I am shooting production photographs of a new play called "Mad Kings and Englishmen: History Hung Drawn and Quartered" which is the second longest title for a play I have ever photographed! It's narrowly beaten by "Professor Ralph McGinty’s Swashbuckling World of Shakespeare" but only by a few letters. Read More...