Edinburgh Fringe

Publicity Photos For Production Of "Reality Chokes

Below are some of the photos that were taken for the punk play "Reality Chokes" which is on at the Edinburgh Fringe. The play is written by Al Gregg and David Schaal and is a black comedy about lost love, thwarted ambition and mid-life crisis. It is a poignant and funny look at what happens when unresolved conflicts resurface in men who refuse to grow up.

The play was successfully premiered last year at Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead, London where I originally photographed it. At the time it was directed by television and theatre director, Chris Jury. This time around David Schaal who had been acting in it has stepped down to direct the play and has largely recast it for Edinburgh due to availability of the existing cast, with only Al Greg remaining from the original cast. The new cast includes, Al Gregg (Dan), David Marx (John), Cathy MacManamon (Chrissie), Lloyd Morris (Plod), Christopher Tajah (Steve), Matthew Ward (Rob) and Lizzie Stables (Tricia).

Christopher Tajah (Steve)
©2009 Stuart Allen

Lloyd Morris (Plod), Al Gregg (Dan), David Marx (John), David Marx (John), Matthew Ward (Rob)
©2009 Stuart Allen