Finborough Theatre

Death Of Long Pig

These are some of the dress rehearsal photographs that were taken of Death Of Long Pig which is currently on at the Finborough Theatre in London. This is a brand new play written by Nigel Planer.

Set in the strange and supernatural surroundings of Samoa and Tahiti, Death of Long Pig explores the duality of experience from the perspectives of two great artists as they usher death into their island homes. As the final hour approaches, they face the eternal question: is it how we prepare for death that really governs the way we live?

To read more and see additional photographs from the production, please click the link below.

©2009 Stuart Allen

©2009 Stuart Allen

Early Press Photos From Death Of Long Pig

These are some of the photos that were taken for early press and publicity use of 'Death Of Long Pig' by Nigel Planer.

The photographs were taken in a rehearsal room at the Jerwood Space in London a few weeks before the play opened at the Finborough Theatre. At the time no set was available so we had to improvise with the backdrop which was in fact a piece of material that was later used in the production. Full costumes were available though. To make sure the photographs looked real and in the moment, I got the actors to run short scenes from the play and photographed these.

©2009 Stuart Allen

©2009 Stuart Allen

The Early Bird Press Photos

These are some of the early publicity photos I took in January of 'The Early Bird' written by Leo Butler before the set was complete. They were used for early press and publicity use. As they needed to be taken against a black backdrop but still required to look like they were production photos rather than posed photos in a studio it was decided to find a theatre space.

©2010 Stuart Allen. All rights reserved

The Early Bird Production Photos

Following on from the blog I posted a few weeks ago with early publicity photos from The Early Bird these are some of the rehearsal photographs from the same production. The play was performed earlier in the year at the Finborough Theatre in London and stars just two actors Catherine Cusack and Alex Palmer. Directed by Donnacadh O'Briain the play is about when two parents daughter disappears. Debbie and Jack face every parent’s nightmare when their child disappears, leaving them to deal with a gaping hole that’s been left in their lives forever. The Early Bird journeys deep inside the troubled minds and fractured relationship of an ordinary couple, unlocking the door to the darkest corners of the human mind.

©2010 Stuart Allen. All Rights Reserved